tisdag 22 april 2008

Week 6 - April 14th: Taking and Sharing Pictures

This weeks assignment was also fun...but using Odeo´s service wasn´t an alternative because it was too complicated so I went to Switchpod instead. It was easy and I liked the interface of this service. You´ll find my Podcast on this link but it is also embedded at this page.

4 kommentarer:

Isä sa...

It’s interesting to see how voice makes things alive. I have been reading your blog but only when hearing you speaking, you became a "real person" for me. :-)

I think this emotional side of voice is not discussed that much in the OER field. How we could bring real people to the online learning?

- Teemu

Anica Petkoska sa...

Nice and big backyard:)
You did manage to post your audio on the blog. Great! I still can't figure out where the embeding code is. Can you help?

JLH sa...

I have to agree with Teemu that it is so interesting to hear other participants' voices. It adds a more personal element to the online learning experience for me.
Thank you for sharing your very nice big backyard photo. I have mixed feelings about big back yards. Ours is quite large as well. I enjoy the space, but sometimes I don't enjoy all the work.

Juha sa...

And what about your house, so lovely... compared to my backyard.