onsdag 9 april 2008

Week 5-WikimediaF: when the impossible can be done

I´m still amazed about the Wiki idéa and after reading the Interview with Beesly, Bauer and Naoko many of My notions about Wikipedia was bound to be reevaluated. When I read about the organisation and all those people that are involved in the monitoring of the information at Wikipedia one understand that this isn´t a little project for enthusiasts, it´s a huge organisation and controll system. My impression and conception was also that the more people engaged in a article the better. But when reading the interview they all say that this isn´t the fact. There is a interesting idea that some of the contributors are "experts". My question in...what defines an expert in Wikipedia....what do I have to be to become an expert?

In the article "The Hidden Order of Wikipedia" they examine the procedural side of Wikipedia which is interesting. One might think that the rise of articles and later Wikipedias strucure could be somewhat anarchistic but one understands later on that rather than encouraging anarchy, many aspects of wiki technology lend themselves to the collective creation of formalized process and policy. I think that many still think about Wikipedia as a place for youngsters where anything can happen...and happens where there is no control.

Finally I got acquainted with the Wikimedia Projects page and found Wikisource that I never discovered before. It´s similar to another project called Project Gutenberg and the Swedish initiative Projekt Runeberg which all has in purpose of publishing original texts on the web. Whith this initiatives We are in the beginning of liberating litterature and information that can make a significate impact on education. Wikisource has as a criteria that there shouldn´t be any copyright protected sources at Wikisource. In Sweden there´s now a new site that does the oposite and is named Student Bay in purpose of spreading copyprotected litterature but with commersial purposes.

Anyhow...all this Wiki-projects are just in the beginning in a new era of liberating information and in another ten years our education-resources will be more accessible and therefore it´s so important that the Wikimedia Foundation are creating all this project so that the commersial actors needs to reevaluate there approach to there costumers and the educational institutions.

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