söndag 20 april 2008

Week 6-taking and sharing pictures is just fun

Well...I´m really late with my assignements but I will catch up becuase now it´s just fun. I just uploaded my picture at Wikimedia Commons (se picture and information here). I also uploaded a bunch of photos, tagged and mapped them (se those at Flikr here).

I´m quite satified with my picture taken today in a clear and warm springday in the afternoon. I live right next to this pond.

I also found some other photos from Falun. The pond above are part of a World Heritage area connected to Falun Copper Mine. There where several hotos from the mine area but none from this pond that is quite important in the mines history.

Anyway. It´s feels in a way good to share pictures under the Creative Commons license and with the knowledge of copyright that we´ve read earlier in this course one understands that this is the right way to share our digital information. I´m looking forward to se what Wikimedia Commons will think about my description of the pond :-)

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