fredag 16 maj 2008

Week 8-sharing Video

Boy am I late :-(. is the time otp finish this splended course and I start with embedding a thoughtfull movie from teacherTube about the relation between USA and India and China.

Here is my film that´s just a short introduction to the Swedish language.

And here is the result with Subtitles:

When posting to YouTube there wasn´t any alternative for posting the movie as a creative commons material. One might wonder why that´s so? Other video sites offer this and this indicates from Youtube that copyrights aren´t that important. It seems like there are a big missunderstanding about what copyright means and does not mean and therefore some just ignore these rights.

If you would like to use a material that´s not under CC one get´s a lot of trouble. At our university a lot of our teachers uses material that are copyright-protected and it´s very difficult to get the authors permissions, if you´re not willing to pay a lot. I have tried several times to get permissions from publishers and a would say that in 99% of the cases they say NO letting teachers using the materials in education.

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