lördag 22 mars 2008

Philosophical Background: Standing on the shoulders of giants

I didn´t expect readingsuch an interesting article in this course. A article that´s so filled with thoughts and where the main issue deals with the fact that even though we´ve got a long and important history, like the ancient greeks and the philosophical and religious work in understanding what life and science is about, we need to understand what the history tells us and find a way to deal with this knowledge history provides us.

In terms of OER I see at my University that our culture and also practise is much based on a long lasting tradition in over 500 of years. Our ways in teaching and using the posibility in the term: Standing on the shoulders of giants when they use new technologies succesfully when usign the knowledge of academic tradition but using it in different ways. We´ve got at lot of teacherrs that really uses media in all kind of forms in widing the students perspectives and also letting them use the information in various ways. Like using Wikis and blogs in education. Thats is practising Standing on the shoulders of giants.

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