söndag 23 mars 2008

Philosophical Background: Popular education and Folk High School

If we combine Folk High School and Popular education we´ve got a interesting combination where the Folk High School works as a alternative way of getting higher education, but still not in the university kind of way. My experince of Folk High School in Sweden is positive where I can see that there is a lot of students in these schools that really study there subjects in a Popular Education way. A lot of the Swedish Folk High Schools are connected to a special church denomination or a political ideology. The students that attends on these courses are getting quite sceptical to the society that they are placed in, they try there ideas on eachother and are often commited to enviromental, ideological, religious or cultural issues.

When thinking about this and trying to understand where this philosophical background and Popular Education and Folk High School connects to creating OER one understand that this is all about making a change. Making an educational change in using open software and educational resources in a quite positivistic kind of way. By studying and embracing ones differences and rethinking our knowledge there´s possible to make improvements and make the educational resources even better. One uses the digital techniches not only to improve the material but also to enchance the pedagogy in a collective kind of way.

This is so interesting...what also interesting is it doesn´t matter wheter you are a university professor or just an undegraduated scholar as long you make a differance. It´s not your title that is important but what you are doing with the material.

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