lördag 22 mars 2008

Philosophical Background-about Enlightenment

Thinking about the enlightenment one cannot forbear that talking about the internets impact on subject like democracy and liberty really are quite similar with the development of the human situation in the time of the enlightenment. One talks about the posibility of the free man and the democracy aspects. Nowadays when talking about digital open resources the same discussion is present again. One talks about every mans posibility and ability as a thinking person and today we´ve got the same situation when talking about Web 2.0 and that everybody can make a change and also improve new thoughts and solutions. We´re nowadyas in a global situation and we´re not any longer bound to our nations thoughts or idologies, that means also that we have the oportunity to try new thesis and to reevaluate old ones.

By letting other see lectures and other learning materials we´ve also exposed our thoughts and ideas so that other may test them as well use them. It´ll take quite a time before everybody accepts them (it took the Catholic church quite some time to accept that the earth was circuling around the sun) but in our time it will go much faster for the new ideas to meet acceptance...but we´re really in the age of the digital enlightment for the moment.

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Peter Rawsthorne sa...

One idea I'd really like to have circulate and be globally adopted would be; no longer traveling to conferences. I believe too many people use air travel way too much. The environmental cost is too great. With all the Web 2.0 technologies conferences could be held online, reducing the need for air travel.