torsdag 13 mars 2008

Introduction to LeMill and Wikiversity

Well this was a new experience. I have never ever before created anything at Wikipedia but thanks to this course I finally did it. As my research field is cyberreligion it come clear to me that no one has written about this at Wikipedia. What was suprising is that even though I am one of those who knows most about cyberreligion (in the world maybe?) i was very carefull when defining this word. That was because I realized how important it is that I define it correctly and in a way it can´t be critized. This was as I said my first time doiong this and I did it in my native language Swedish but still...this was something different. Perhaps becuase it totally open and accessibly for everyone.

I also registered to LeMill but this project didn´t at all give that input and feeling that the Wiki-experience did. I also registered to Wikipedia and I´m sure that I will contribute more from now on at Wikipedia. Before Wikipedia-writing was for "others" but know I really understand that this isn´t just about sharing it is even more about experiencing.

Creating internal links i Wikipedia was easy but then I realized that many of my links not yet are created in Wikipedia som my next project is to write a couple of more pages så that my links will work...I understand that there is a lack of information in my research field that I will start to fill.

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